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Types of Acne and How to Get Rid of Them with Acne Treatment

The problem of acne is something that everyone of us has to face. The reasons can be different from individual to individual and it is not compulsory that you’ll only have acne during teenage. Some people don’t have to deal with this problem during teenage and acne may breakout during adulthood. So, in simple words there are many types of acne or pimples and that’s why there are different types of acne scars treatments in Delhi for each. The reason for acne can be as simple as your skin type or some kind of hormonal imbalance or other unhygienic conditions. When Sebaceous glands are overactive you get a breakout. Generally face, back, chest and shoulders are more prone to acne as compared to other body parts. It is advised that you do not try and apply cosmetics that you see in advertisements to prevent or get rid of acne. There are many reasons we say that. Most of the cosmetics are not meant for all skin types and sometimes you might not even know what type of acne you’re dealing with, in which case you may get skin irritation or redness and so serious damage to your skin.

Blackheads are one of the most common types of acne for people with oily skin. Unlike other types of acne, blackheads aren’t caused by bacteria but because of the oxidation of the clogged pores. Blackheads generally occur on the nose and sometimes on the forehead and chin. Excess of blackheads should be given medical attention and should be treated with retinol.

Whiteheads are somewhat like pimples and have white bumps. BHA products help get rid of whiteheads but sometimes you need to seek help of a dermatologist to remove them.

Papules are mild type of pimples which is pinkish red and filled with a fluid. Products containing Benzoyl Peroxide and Saliency Acid can cure papules.

Pustules are swollen pimples and large in size than papules. These can occur on face, shoulders, back, neck, underarms, pubic area and hairline. These are common in teens and can be treated with maintaining hygiene to prevent excess of oil and if the problem is severe OTC (over-the-counter) medications are prescribed as they dry out the upper skin layer and again removes excess oil.

Cysts are the severe type of acne and are the most difficult to treat. Cysts need to be treated as they leave scars. So, it is imperative to visit a dermatologist to consult them and receive proper medical treatment.

Here are some preventive measures for breakdown of acne:

1. If you have an oily skin, we recommend that you cleanse-tone-moisturise your face twice a day.
2. Avoid cosmetics that are oil based. You can use face gels rather than creams.
3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of oily and junk foods.
4. Don’t take stress.
5. Exercise daily and take shower later to get rid of sweat.

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